Seaga Infinity 5-Wide Snack Machine

Seaga Infinity 5-Wide Snack Machine

The Seaga Infinity 5-wide Combo Vending Machine is the latest invention of Seaga. This vending machine just recently hit the market and is packed with tons of cool features such as the scrolling price display, double pane glass, ADA compliant cabinet design, and dual coils. It is entirely refrigerated and accommodates both snacks and beverages of various sizes. It is easy to operate, program, and maintain. With the sharp looking glass face front, all your product can be seen, so there’s no need for additional stickers, labels, or advertising. Bottles and cans of almost any size, as well as pastries, chips, and candy bars, can be easily placed in this machine.


  • Scrolling prices
  • Double pane glass
  • ADA compliant
  • Dual coils
  • Energy saving settings
  • Guaranteed delivery system
  • Adjustable coil configurations
  • Vends a huge variety of snack / food sizes
  • User-friendly
  • Upgrade option for credit card reader
  • Upgrade option for Smart card software

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